Teacher-Scholar Model - The Teacher-Scholar Model (TSM) was formally defined and adopted by the Academic Senate at Cal Poly on March 8, 2011 (AS 725-11). In Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate, Boyer (1990) clearly identified four areas of scholarship for TSM: teaching & learning, discovery, application, and integration.

Teaching philosophy - "A one- to two-page document that provides a clear, concise account of your teaching approach, methods, and expertise. Each statement should be unique. Nonetheless, the following guidelines should be helpful to you as you prepare your statement. A Teaching Philosophy Statement should answer four fundamental questions: 1) Why do you teach? 2) What do you teach? 3) How do you teach? 4) How do you measure your effectiveness?" Source: The Teaching Center, Washington University in St. Louis

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Techno Pedagogy - A pedagogical style in which instructors are committed not only to integrating technology into their courses but also to reflecting upon the setbacks and successes of that integration.  Techno pedagogy consists of three components: 1) meta-teaching, or a cognitive awareness of best practices for teaching with technology as well as when and how best to integrate them into a learning environment; 2)  technology exposure, or an awareness of and practice with a variety of technological tools as well as the appropriate contexts in which to implement those resources ; and 3) critical reflection, or a commitment to assessing and improving one's performances using technology in the classroom.  Source: Technology and Pedagogy: Building Techno-Pedagogical Skills in Preservice Teachers

Other resources:

  • Cook-Sather, Alison. "Unrolling Roles in Techno-Pedagogy: Toward New Forms of Collaboration in Traditional College Settings." Innovative Higher Education 26.2 (Winter 2001): 121-139.
  • Newson, Janice A. "Techno-Pedagogy and Disappear in Context." Academe 85.5 (1999): 52-55.

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